Modern Agile Workshop

February 4-6, 2020 | Dallas, TX - USA


About the Workshop

Genuine agility is enormously effective in helping us achieve our dreams. Being agile means moving with “quick easy grace” and possessing a “quick resourceful and adaptable character.” Unfortunately, “Agile” has grown into a complex tangle of roles, rituals, frameworks, tools, processes, brands and certifications.

Too many people are taught how to “do agile” by mindlessly following a rigid process, rather than learning how to “be agile.” Modern Agile shows you how to escape faux agility, and return to simplicity.

Modern Agile is defined by four guiding principles: Make People Awesome, Make Safety a Prerequisite, Experiment & Learn Rapidly and Deliver Value Continuously. These principles were distilled from what exceptional organizations do to create happy workplaces and produce brilliant outcomes.

Understanding and thoughtfully applying these four principles will free you from agile dogma and help you achieve better results sooner.

Who should attend?
This workshop will help anyone interested in discovering better ways of getting outstanding results. The workshop is a mixture of interactive exercises and stimulating dialogues. Participation is not limited to any specific role or industry.

Psychological safety is a difficult topic to cover and make actionable. Well done!
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Workshop Location

American Airlines - Skyview 7 1 Transformation Way
Fort Worth, TX 76155, USA

What will you learn
in this 3-day workshop?

What will you learn in this 3-day workshop?

Moving with quick easy grace

Moving with quick easy grace: understand how genuine agility differs from faux agility.

Essential preconditions

Essential preconditions: build the foundation for exceptional organizations.

Effective teaming

Effective teaming: create conditions under which teams naturally improve.


Chartering: prevent predictable but common project failures.

Evolutionary design

Evolutionary design: accelerate progress and build feedback into your system.


Optimizing: recognize and remove previously unseen waste in everyday work.

Limiting work in progress

Limiting work in progress: reduce lead time and improve flow.

Improving flow

Improving flow: recognize patterns and remove those things that inhibit flow.

Psychological safety

Psychological safety: recognize gaps, recover from conflict, repair trust, and re-establish safety.


Workshop Agenda

Morning Afternoon
Tue Feb, 4st Preconditions to Agility Chartering
Wed Feb, 5nd Introduction to Flow Accelerating Flow
Thu Feb, 6rd Evolutionary Design Psychological Safety
Very well structured, and well presented. These are things we can use in our daily work.

Who are the Instructors?

Industrial Logic’s Coaches are among the best Agile and Lean trainers in the world, deeply skilled in both development and mentoring.

Joshua Kerievsky

Joshua is the CEO of Industrial Logic, one of the oldest and most well-respected agile consultancies on the planet. Since 1996, Joshua and his global network of experts have helped people in teams across many industries leverage the wisdom and power of modern development methods. An early pioneer and practitioner of Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development and Lean Startup, Joshua most recently created Modern Agile to help people and organizations benefit from a principle-based approach to agility.

Joshua is an international speaker and author of the best-selling, Jolt Cola-award-winning book, Refactoring to Patterns, numerous Agile eLearning courses, and over 50 popular articles like Anzeneering, Sufficient Design and Stop Using Story Points. He is passionate about applying Modern Agile principles and practices in many industries and is currently helping a major pharmaceutical leverage the agile mindset and skill set to streamline the development of life-saving medicines. Joshua is active on Twitter, LinkedIn and the Slack community.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley is a high-performance team expert and senior coach for Industrial Logic who is passionate about creating value.  He has personally coached thousands of people across many teams, helping organizations achieve high-performance teamwork through responsible and intentional collaboration. As a coach, Ashley guides enterprise clients through lean/agile transformations yielding measurable improvements in time-to-market and quality. He has a special knack for facilitation and frequently serves as a "translator," bridging gaps and catalyzing collaboration between executive management, engineers, and customers.

Ashley grew up as microprocessors were moving from electronic hobbyists to office PCs. While still in high school, he wrote a small businesses billing system and did component level repairs on computers. Ashley’s business interests shifted to developing large systems effectively, where he began to focus on what it takes to catalyze high-performance teams.

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