Joy of Agility

Joshua Kerievsky’s latest book, Joy of Agility, will be published in 2022. It reflects over two decades of experimenting, learning, unlearning, and reflecting on the nature of agility — including helping Industrial Logic and its global clients become more agile, applying agility to home repairs, health, fitness, parenting and more.

Joy of Agility features 6 powerful agile mantras and over 100 unforgettable stories of real people, teams and organizations that made slow and awkward things faster and easier, solved difficult problems by being readily resourceful, and adapted to change with speed and grace. This new book is your definitive guide to agility, meant for people in any profession who aspire to be agile.

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Advance Praise for Joy of Agility:

“This delightful book shines a light on both why and how to create agility in your organization. Through stories that are as engaging as they are insightful, author Joshua Kerievsky shows how a culture of fear and a mindless pursuit of efficiency drive out learning and stifle agility. A set of simple, actionable principles provide the way forward.”
- Amy C Edmondson, Professor, Harvard Business School; author of "The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth"

“Thanks for all your hard work on this amazing collection of inspiring stories.”
- Linda Rising, consultant and best-selling author

“Reading Joy of Agility makes me want to hand this book to all of my clients...I love your book! I think it's excellent!”
- Jutta Eckstein, author and agile expert

"Joy of Agility is well-written, very nicely illustrated, and does an excellent job of communicating the essence of agility! It is very positive and should leave the reader feeling energized about agility."
- Dave Thomas, CEO, Bedarra Corporation, veteran software guru

“Brilliant work and a dazzling diversity of stories!”
- Pat Reed, executive agile consultant

"When I read the Joy of Agility, I kept thinking yes, yes, yes! The only thing I regret is I can't start sharing this book already now.”
- Yves Hanoulle, agile/lean coach