Psychological Safety Meetup

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December 8, 2021

Wednesday 4pm - 5:30 EDT

Being Intentional with Diversity and Inclusion

The words “inclusion and diversity” carry a lot of weight, and have been a hot topic now more than ever within our ever evolving world. What does it mean to really have awareness about about not just “how” we can practice more inclusion and diversity where we live and work, but also the “why” behind it?

Each and every one of us comes to the table with bias. How do we get to know that part of ourselves, without shame, but rather with the practical lens of self-awareness and improvement? When do you feel included - and when do you feel invisible or ignored? How can we create healthier spaces for people to thrive in a way that’s genuine and not performative, that allow for both mistakes and for growth?

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What You'll Learn

Join us for 90 minutes as we delve into how this powerful topic has changed the way we think about how we work and how we live. Let’s dig into what we’ve seen, what we experience, and what we want to learn. Our community chats are built to allow space for others to share experiences and learn collaboratively about what we can experiment with to improve ourselves and continue growing. Hope to see you there!

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Event Details

This is 3 of a 4-part Community Meetup series on Modern Psychological Safety by Industrial Logic. Attend one, attend them all - each chat is designed to both stand alone in terms of content and also integrate with one another. Our series includes actionable practices to enable trust over fear within ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.

Please join us for our upcoming Modern Psychological Safety Community Chats:

Jan. 12 (Wed) - Openness to Conversation

This is a free community IL event! The purpose of these events is to have folks connect with one another on topics that impact us all help us expand the conversation into the greater community.

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