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Agile development skills are critical. But you won't learn them by just watching videos. Master your craft with Agile eLearning by Industrial Logic. We record key insights while you program, graph your results and give you personalized guidance. Our world-class Agile experts offer you concise, engaging content and are always available to answer your questions. Are you ready to rock?

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Track Your Level

Track Your Level

Get scores and detailed feedback on all of your exercises and quizzes.

Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Ask or answer questions on every page and get prompt replies from our experts.

Train Smarter

Train Smarter

Get insights and expert guidance from our automated performance critiques.

Get Better

Get Better

Study charts and statistics of your performances and see your skills improve.

Enterprise Benefits

Usage Reports

Get user activity reports delivered right to your inbox allowing you to measure performance, improvement, and completion of work.

Rollout Strategies

Enterprise-wide training deployment can be a challenge; between distributed teams, outsourcing and other variables; We help your team define the right strategy based on your company needs.

Global Scale

If you need to scale Agile skills globally, our eLearning and worldwide team of experts stand ready to help.

Budget Friendly

We provide the highest quality learning for a fraction of the price of in-person training. Save more with bulk pricing.

Free Updates

Content is constantly updated and improved based on new ideas and user feedback.

Lifetime License

Your students licenses will not expire, providing continuous access to an effective, ever-improving learning tool.

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