VersionOne & Industrial Logic Partner to Deliver World-Class Agile eLearning

Posted August 10, 2011 by Joshua Kerievsky

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Industrial Logic is very pleased to announce our partnership with VersionOne. We are excited to offer our innovative Agile eLearning to a broader market to ensure the overall success of enterprise agile adoption.

This partnership will address the needs of VersionOne's enterprise customers, who find it difficult and financially impractical to properly train their development teams in Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Composing User Stories and other critical practices with traditional classroom training methods.

VersionOne gets it! Their developers use TDD, Refactoring and other agile practices every day as part of their core development process. They instantly connected with our eLearning, loved the hands-on programming exercises and the personalized feedback from our automated critique.

We are committed to producing innovative, self-paced, on-demand learning experiences that allow organizations to scale their engineering training efforts rapidly and cost effectively.

We look forward to offering our Agile eLearning products to VersionOne's global Agile community.