One Defect, Two Fixes

Posted February 18, 2020 by Joshua Kerievsky in Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Mob Programming, Refactoring, Software Design, Test Driven Development

In A Tale of Two TDDers, I quickly documented what I see as two different defect-fixing behaviors of Test-Driven Development practitioners. I spent all of about ten minutes writing that blog. It generated a lot of interesting discussion, some of which bordered on deep misunderstanding. More detail would have helped. And so I dug through […]
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How long is too long for a build?

Posted July 6, 2018 by Brett Schuchert in Continuous Delivery, Learning

Synopsis Short builds enable responding to change, continuous code improvement, and keeping your customers happy. When the build slows beyond certain thresholds, there are predictable responses by a team that lead to slower builds, lower code quality, and continuous code rot. We’ll look into why this is, why it is worth investing in speeding up […]
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