Are you risking your health and creativity by sitting all day?

Posted February 24, 2014 by Industrial Logic in Anzen, Anzeneering, Culture, Health, Learning, Tech Safety

Foggy brain. Poor circulation. Back trouble. Decreased life expectancy. Yikes. This is your fate if you sit at a desk all day. Have you considered standing while you work? Several hundred thinkers at Facebook prefer to stand for the same reasons that da Vinci, Bonaparte, Churchill, Dickens and Hemingway did: They can think better standing […]
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Asleep At The Wheel: A Hidden Health Hazard?

Posted February 14, 2014 by Tim Ottinger in Anzen, Anzeneering, Tech Safety

A manager told me that one of his reliable developers seemed to be struggling to maintain focus and wakefulness through the work day. Often we see productivity as a matter of raw effort and motivation. A less enlightened manager may have chided the developer for his lack of energy and attention. The manager may have […]
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Posted January 21, 2014 by Joshua Kerievsky in Anzen, Anzeneering

Want to know what decades in the software field has taught me? Protecting people is the most important thing we can do, because it frees people to take risks and unlocks their potential. I call this Anzeneering, a new word derived from anzen (meaning safety in Japanese) and engineering.
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