Product Excellence Workshop

January 12, 2021 - March 12, 2021

8 weeks, 16 sessions

Tuesdays 9-10:30am PST

Fridays 9-10am PST

About the Workshop

Delighted customers. Delighted creators. Being excellent in products involves balancing the organization’s objectives, portfolio and capacity. How do you align a disparate set of goals, synthesize customer and stakeholder feedback, and reliably get work done?

In this highly interactive, online workshop, you will learn to craft an offering that will delight customers, cultivate synchronicity from many inputs and ideas, and deliver valuable products sooner.

Based on a mix of Modern Agile principles, design thinking, user experience practices, and lean concepts, this workshop will help you experience the joy and profitability of product excellence.

We designed this course to span 8 weeks so that attendees can continue with their usual work while learning, applying, and getting immediate benefits.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in product thinking
  • Beginning to mid level in product practices
  • Openness to experimentation

“Industrial Logic’s training and coaching, along with their mentoring of internal coaches, has been instrumental in making our Agile transition stick. We have now successfully scaled Agile across our entire IT and Product Management organizations, creating a more collaborative environment.” Katherine Thalheimer, Senior VP, Nielsen Media Research

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What You'll Learn

  • Product Driven Organization (PDO): Introduction to aligning business functions to making customers awesome
  • End-to-end product workflow: balancing discovery and delivery throughout the user journey
  • Test driving product development: diverge and converge on experimentation and hypotheses to get frequent, valuable feedback
  • Design Thinking: Incorporating design thinking into your delivery process: keep user’s needs and business outcomes clear from concept to cash
  • Product Delivery Metrics: Identify product attributes, types of work, and key metrics that inform the team on how to evolve products
  • Planning for the -ilities: nonfunctional requirements and ‘jobs to be done’ that make products resilient and provide peace-of-mind
  • Measurable alignment to strategy: maximizing the work not done through the identification of business benefits and customer impact

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Workshop Details

  • The class begins on January 12 and runs for 8 weeks, ending on Friday, March 12.
  • There are two sessions each week, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday, each delivered via web conferencing tools.
  • Tuesday’s online meeting is New Challenge Day, with new concepts, techniques, resources, and assignments given to attendees. It typically runs 90 minutes.
  • Attendees will complete assignments, taking approximately 2-6 hours depending on the week.
  • As attendees apply these techniques to their daily work, they will journey their successes and challenges.
  • Friday’s online meeting is Completion Day when attendees will discuss and compare their experiences applying new techniques and ideas during the week in their daily work. This meeting runs 60 minutes.
  • Instructor(s) and coach(es) will be available to students through an online forum for the duration of the series.

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