Industrial Android Development

October 3 - November 17, 2022

7 Weeks, 14 sessions

Mondays 9am - 11am PST

Thursdays 9am - 11am PST

About the Workshop

In this workshop, we’re going to get you coding and confident with the Android platform. We’ll teach you the tools and ecosystem needed to build modern mobile applications. But that’s just the beginning.

Modern mobile app development calls for modern development methods–and that’s what sets this course apart. You will learn and practice the techniques to deliver a quality mobile app with speed and safety. Techniques like automated testing, continuous delivery, and clean user interface architecture, all applied in the Android environment.

We won’t be reading this to you from a slide deck, either. You’ll get your hands dirty building a real, store-ready Android codebase. You’ll have engaging discussions with our instructors and your fellow learners. And we will tackle those store-ready Android codebase problems together.

Workshop poster

What Will You Learn?


How to design your domain logic and decompose your apps.


Testing strategies that reduce build time and keep your apps safe.


Common anti-patterns to avoid in Android applications.


How to evolve your app quickly and reliably without introducing defects.


How to continuously integrate, build, deploy, and monitor your apps.


Make Android Studio work for you, not the other way around.

Workshop Details


7 weeks, starting October 3 - November 17, 9am PST - 11am PST

In addition to session time, attendees will be expected to spend an hour each day with course material.

(SESSION ZERO Thursday, September 29, 9am PST - Brief session for introductions and tool setup)

Detailed instructions will be emailed to you the week before the event begins.

Your Instructors