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People Trust Us

Since 1996, companies of all sizes and
industries have relied on us to lead them to successful Lean &
Agile transitions.

We work hard to understand every client's
unique challenges and offer tailored solutions.

Google hires the best engineers we can find — and they in
turn expect the best training. We're very happy that we partnered
with Industrial Logic to offer workshops on patterns and
refactoring. Engineers consistently give top marks to Industrial
Logic's instructors, and comment on the quality and utility of the
hands-on exercises.

Carolyn Yates, Director Google EDU

GE Software Engineers are building exciting solutions that make the Industrial Internet a reality. Industrial Logic’s courses and coaching expertise are just as cutting edge - keeping pace with the skills we need around the world, to deliver new and higher value solutions to our customers.

Susan Stocker, Director, Software Engineering Training & Development, GE Advanced Solutions Group

Industrial Logic's training and coaching, along with their
mentoring of internal coaches, has been instrumental in making our
Agile transition stick. We have now successfully scaled Agile
across our entire IT and Product Management organizations,
creating a more collaborative environment.

Katherine Thalheimer, Senior VP

Rarely have I met trainers who are truly hands-on. The depth
of knowledge and onfield experience of Industrial Logic's
instructors is truly inspiring. Their proficiency in agile
techniques and TDD is bleeding edge. We have benefitted immensely
in barely three days of TDD training with them. We wish they were
on our team here in EMC2.

Vimal Kumar, Principal Software Engineer