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The Pattern Languages Group

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What We're Studying

Once a week, the PL Group studies patterns and pattern languages about software design, architecture, analysis, concurrency and organization.

Many of the pattern languages studied come from the Pattern Languages of Program Design series, edited by James O. Coplien, Douglas C. Schmidt and John Vlissides.

The PL Group is currently studying patterns from the PLOPD 1998 conference.

What Are Pattern Languages?
Pattern Languages are collections of fine-grained patterns, woven together into a whole to provide solutions to problems in contexts.

Like design patterns, pattern languages help us understand proven strategies for solving difficult problems. In form, pattern languages are different from GoF-style design patterns. In content, the two are similar, though pattern languages tend to cover more ground.

One of the best non-software pattern languages was written by Christopher Alexander in one of his many books, A Pattern Language. One of the best software patterns we have read in the PL Group is Ward Cunningham's CHECKS Pattern Language of Information Integrity.

  Industrial Logic, Inc.
October 4, 1999
Hoffert & Goldman Microthread
October 11, 1999
Ted Faison, pg. 1-18 Interaction Patterns for Communicating Processes
October 18, 1999
Ted Faison, pg. 18-35 Interaction Patterns for Communicating Processes
October 25, 1999
Dwight Deugo Foundation Patterns
November 1, 1999
Bobby Woolf Object Recursion
November 8, 1999
Braga & Rubira & Dahab Tropyc: PL for Cryptographic Software
November 15, 1999
Nicholas Jacobs Garden of Applications
November 22, 1999
Bergner & Rausch & Sihling & Vilbig Componentware Development Methodology
November 29, 1999
John Vlissides Composite Design Patterns & Compounding Command
December 6, 1999
John Vlissides Pluggable Factory Part 1 & Pluggable Factory Part 2

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