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The following is a collection of some of the papers that we have read in the Design Patterns Study Group. There is also an old agenda you can look at.

Refactoring Presentation - Chicago Java Sigs Conference

This presentation on refactoring, written by Martin Fowler and delivered at the 1997 Chicago Sigs Conference for Java Development, is a work-in-progress, but offers some excellent introductory ideas about how to refactor your code.

Dealing With Roles

This pattern language, written by Martin Fowler, is from the Roles & Analysis section of the PLoP 97 proceedings. The paper provides an excellent survey of role modelling techniques, from simple to complex examples.

The Role Object Pattern

This design pattern, written by Dirk Baumer, Dirk Riehle, Wolf Siberski and Martina Wolf, is from the Roles & Analysis section of the PLoP 97 proceedings. The paper describes a method for adapting objects to client's needs.


This process pattern language, written by Gerard Meszaros, is from the Architecture section of the PLoP 97 proceedings. Gerard writes: This pattern language is a first crack at capturing the key concepts and processes of defining an architecture for a computer system.

Error Handling: A Pattern Language

This pattern language, written by Klaus Renzel, is one of first papers that has been written about exception handling and managing errors. Klaus writes: This paper informs about design and implementation of error handling facilities in business information systems. It presents a pattern language for the object oriented design of components needed for error handling and also present sample code in different programming languages (C++, Java, Cobol, Smalltalk).

Client/Server Architectures for Business Information Systems

This pattern language, written by Klaus Renzel and Wolgang Keller, is a PLoP 97 paper that was part of the Architecture proceedings. The authors write: This paper presents several patterns for distributing business information systems that are structured according to a layered architecture. Each distribution pattern cuts the architecture into different into different client and server components.

Type-Object Pattern

This design pattern is in the process of being written by Ralph Johnson and Bobby Woolf.

Decouple instances from their classes so that those classes can be implemented as instances of a class. Type Object allows new "classes" to be created dynamically at runtime, lets a system provide its own type-checking rules, and can lead to simpler, smaller systems.

System Test Pattern Language

This pattern language, written by David DeLano and Linda Rising (of AGCS) is a guide for system testers (not developers) who want expert ideas in how to test a software.

CHECKS Pattern Language of Information Integrity

This pattern language, written by Ward Cunningham of Cunningham & Cunningham explains how to check data entered from a user interface without complicating a program or compromising future flexibility.

ACyclic Visitor

This design pattern, written by Robert Martin of Object Mentor presents an alternative to the Visitor pattern from the book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software.

Book Lists & Sites
The Patterns Home Page, maintained by students of Professor Ralph Johnson, offers an excellent collection of books.

On Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb, you will find a Great Books List Please add to it if you know of a great software book (that is not already on the list).

Buying Books Online
You can purchase the books we read in this study group from online stores such as:

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