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DPSG Members
The following is a list of the regular members of the DPSG (note: we don't provide pictures of the members because, quite honestly, some of them would scare you). Please also note that if you would like to become a member of the DPSG and are fluent in at least one Object-Oriented languange, drop us a line.

DPSG Mailing List
The DPSG mailing list is a logical extension of our discussions in the study group and is therefore open to
only active participants
of the study group and to individuals who do not live in the New York Metropolitan Area, but who would like to participate in our group.

The list is also open to pattern authors whose patterns we read and discuss in the DPSG. It is our policy to provide feedback to authors who submit papers to our group or whose papers we read.

Please e-mail us if you fit the above profile and would like to join our list.

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