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Pattern Conferences & Workshops
PLoP '97
The Pattern Languages of Programming conference, the mother of all patterns conferences, is a place for pattern writers and enthusiasts to improve the patterns literature by participating in Writer Workshops.

EuroPLoP offers a non-USA venue for the workshoping of patterns as well as some introductory topics, such as proto-pattern workshops.

UP '97
The Using Patterns workshop is about using patterns and offers sessions addressing reading patterns, ways to use patterns, etc.

ChiliPLoP, will host introductory pattern sessions as well as intense discussion on hot topics.

Pattern Destinations
A site about Christopher Alexander

Ward Cunningham's Portland Pattern Repository

Patterns Home Page - maintained by Ralph Johnson and Richard Helm.

Patterns for Distributed Processing - a wealth of material from Doug Schmidt of Washington University.

Doug Lea's Home Page

Articles About Patterns

Design Patterns and Related Papers

Gang of Four - the authors of Design Patterns (and what they are currently doing)

An HTML 2.0 Pattern Language

A Book Review of Design Patterns

Object-Oriented Destinations
The C++ and Java SIG
A great place for C++ and Java discussions, lectures, etc.

Object Developers Group
- OO events and meetings on a variety of subjects for software professionals here in the NYC area

Frameworks Home Page

Rogue Wave Software
- makers of Tools++, DBTools++, Net++

Rational Software Corp.
- get your free evaluation copy of Rational Rose and learn about the integration of the Booch and OMT notations

Object-Oriented Systems

OO Software Developments at IBM

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