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Extreme Programming Simulations

Thusfar we've created two XP simulations that we actively use in our eXtreme Programming Workshop:
  • PairDraw  [Japanese]
    A simulation of pair programming that is fun, fast and a great way to introduce pair programming to people in your organization.

  • ScreenTest
    A complete, end-to-end, simulation of XP, suitable for technical and non-technical people. We designed ScreenTest in the Fall of 2000 and have been actively using it since January 2001. ScreenTest simulates all of the XP practices and, unlike other simulations of XP, enables true automated acceptance and unit testing, test-first design, continuous integration and all of the other XP practices, with the possible exception of creating a system metaphor. We've kept this simulation private but will be making it public soon, for non-commercial use. Stay tuned...

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PairDraw   [Japanese]
A pair programming simulation

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