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The ACE/TAO Group

Next Meeting: We meet on Tuesdays (see Agenda below)
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        Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
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We are conducting an in-depth study of the ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment) C++ class library and framework (, and the TAO (the ACE ORB) CORBA implementation (

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We will focus on both the practical use of the library by studying the appropriate papers and example code from the ACE development tree, as well as learning best-of-breed network and concurrent programming design pattern implementations by studying the ACE source code itself.

Interested parties may join the DPSG mailing list to inquire about this group.

Like all groups within the DPSG, this groups is based around quality dialogues between people. Everyone's input is invited.


To participate in this study group, we suggest you have:

  • 3-5 years experience in C++ programming
  • Experience with Win32 or UNIX network and multi-threaded programming
  • Prior study of Design Patterns
In addition, it is recommended that you download and build ACE on your platform/compiler of choice. See

  Industrial Logic, Inc.

February 8, 2000
We will be discussing and studying:
��������The Design and Use of the ACE Reactor
February 15, 2000
We will study either the example code in the ACE source tree or the implementation code, depending on the consensus of the group.
Possible Future Sessions
��������ACE Tasks/Streams
��������Active Object
�������Distributed Logger
��������TAO implementations:
����������POA (Portable Object Adapter)
����������Event Service
����������AMI (Asynchronous Method Invocation)

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