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The Domain Driven Demons Group

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    Location: IBM Building Public Space
              (56th Street & Madison Ave, New York City)
        Time: Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
   Questions? email Gene Volovich

The Group

Every week, the Design Patterns Study Group of New York City study some of the best software patterns papers to emerge over the last 3-4 years. These papers are hand-picked by the DPSG from a number of great books, including proceedings from patterns conferences.

What We Are Studying

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Right now, we are the "Domain Demons", studying Eric Evans' book on Domain Driven Design. The book presents a systematic approach to using a domain model, refactoring it, and enhancing communication between the domain experts and programmers. From the quote on the back of the book: "This book belongs on the shelf of every thoughtful software developer" - Kent Beck. We discuss several chapters at a time: check the schedule on the right for each week's topics.

New members are always welcome. If you're thinking of joining this group, we suggest you read Josh's Learning Guide To Design Patterns.

Domain Driven Design References:
Industrial Logic, Inc.

February 23, 2004
pp 397-437
Chapter 15: Distillation
March 1, 2004
pp 439-483
Chapter 16: Large-Scale Structure
March 8, 2004
pp 485-506
Chapter 17: Bringing the Strategy Together, Conclusion
March 15, 2004
March 22, 2004

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