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...knowledge improves as authors learn. A Call For Feedback may help an author learn, but the author's new knowledge needs to be made public. It is therefore necessary to provide a place that offers updated knowledge.

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Every knowledge document needs a place where an author may record increased understanding of their subject. Documents that go unrevised for years become silent in a dialogue of unfolding meaning, and become isolated from continued research and complementary ideas.

Martin Fowler and Addison-Wesley provide an Online Home for Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models. In the book's Preface, Martin explains why his book has an Online Home:

A Living Book
Every author I know shares a frustration: once a book is published it is fixed. The book spreads its advice around the community, yet the author has little way of expressing changes. I know how much I keep learning, and I am sure this learning will modify my ideas. I want these changes to be passed on to my readers.

With this book, Addison-Wesley will provide a web site which will be used to pass on further materials to keep this book alive. At this stage I am not sure exactly what it will contain, but I expect the following:

  • any new things I learn about the patterns in the book
  • answers to questions about the book
  • useful commentary from others about the patterns
  • new analysis patterns by myself, and by others
  • when the Unified Modeling Notation appears (or whatever it is called by then) I will redraw all the diagrams in the book in the new notation and put them on the site.

This site will be a complement to the book, so keep an eye on it and use it to let me know how to improve and develop the ideas between these pages.


Give every knowledge document a home where the author may continuously improve and update their work. Make this home a place that reflect's the author's deepening knowledge of the subject. Make it a place where readers may submit feedback and where valuable feedback is recorded.

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