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A Living Book
Every author I know shares a frustration: once a book is published it is fixed. The book spreads its advice around the community, yet the author has little way of expressing changes. I know how much I keep learning, and I am sure this learning will modify my ideas. I want these changes to be passed on to my readers.

With this book, Addison-Wesley will provide a web site which will be used to pass on further materials to keep this book alive. At this stage I am not sure exactly what it will contain, but I expect the following:

  • any new things I learn about the patterns in the book
  • answers to questions about the book
  • useful commentary from others about the patterns
  • new analysis patterns by myself, and by others
  • when the Unified Modeling Notation appears (or whatever it is called by then) I will redraw all the diagrams in the book in the new notation and put them on the site.

This site will be a complement to the book, so keep an eye on it and use it to let me know how to improve and develop the ideas between these pages.

-- from Martin Fowler's Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models

...knowledge improves as authors learn. A Call For Feedback can help an author learn, but the author's new knowledge needs to be made public. It is therefore necessary to provide a place where authors may update and improve their works.

* * *

Every knowledge document needs a place where an author may record increased understanding of their subject. Documents that go unrevised for years become silent in a dialogue of unfolding meaning; they become isolated from continued research, debate, and complementary ideas.

Martin Fowler and Addison-Wesley provide an Online Home for Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models. In the book's Preface, Martin explains why his book has an Online Home:


Give every knowledge document a center where the author may continuously improve and update their work. Make this center a place that reflect's the author's deepening knowledge of the subject. Make it a place where feedback is submitted and recorded, where a community's knowledge is improved based on valuable feedback.

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