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Here is a collection of our current and past contributions to the world of software development and the agile/xp community. Enjoy!

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  • Smells to Refactorings Cheat Sheet
    We developed this handy cheat sheet as a teaching aid while teaching our Refactoring Challenge Activity. You'll find a table that maps code smells to their likely refactorings with corresponding page references to source material contained in the books Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code by Martin Fowler and Refactoring to Patterns by Joshua Kerievsky.

  • Refactoring to Patterns Interactive Demo
    Refactoring to Patterns Interactive offers the best way to learn about Design Patterns and Refactoring. In our free Java/C# demo, you can learn about the Strategy pattern, try refactoring real-world code to Strategy and watch a narrated movie of Joshua Kerievsky walking you step-by-step through the refactoring in Eclipse or Visual Studio with Resharper.

  • A Learning Guide To Design Patterns
    Definition of a study group, pathway through the 23 patterns, opening questions.


  • Storytest-Driven Development Article
    This article, which appeared in the July/August 2004 issue of Better Software magazine, features descriptions of storytest-driven development, quotes from pioneers and early adopters, as well as side-bars on how to get started.

  • How To Run An Iteration Retrospective
    Iteration retrospectives help teams improve during a prorject, not after it ends. This 1-page, how-to guide provides guidance on how to conduct iteration retrospectives.

  • XP Change Readiness Assessments
    How do you know whether an organization or team is ready for Extreme Programming? You perform an XP Change Readiness Assessment. This paper describes how.

  • XP Playbook
    Every team on every playing field of software development moves and competes within the boundaries of a written or unwritten playbook. This paper describes the extreme plays in the playbooks of Extreme Programming teams.

  • Stop Over-Engineering!
    Patterns are a cornerstone of object-oriented design, while test-first programming and merciless refactoring are cornerstones of evolutionary design. To stop over- or under-engineering, balance these practices and evolve only what you need.

  • My Favorite Extreme Programming IDE
    Features of an IDE that make it ideal for doing XP, plus a look at a new IDE that shows great potential.

  • Continuous Learning
    An XP 2001 paper about learning repositories, iteration retrospectives, study groups and the business value of learning.

  • Patterns & XP
    An XP 2000 paper that asks and answers the questions, "Where do Patterns fit in to XP?"

  • Pools of Insight: A Pattern Language for Study Groups
    An Alexandrian pattern language, containing 21 Patterns on the subject of Study Groups.

  • Techniques and Patterns for Writing Once & Running Anywhere
    How to really Write Once & Run Anywhere, the MTV project, and the Industrial Logic Java Engine.


  • Startle & Shout: Describe The Problem
    Non-experts need better ways to map their problems to the problems that Patterns solve. Learn 4 ways to improve how you write Problem Statements.

  • GoF Structure Diagram Considered Harmful
    While experienced users of Patterns know that one software Pattern may be implemented in diverse ways, inexperienced users don't know this. The GoF Structure diagram misguides inviduals because it makes it seem like there is only one way to implement a Pattern. A Pattern's Structure diagram is not THE Structure of the Pattern. It is rather one "sample" Structure among many.
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