Our History

The timeline below features some of the most significant events in our 27-year history.

  • Industrial Logic's Logo

    Founded, 1996

    Industrial Logic founded with a mission to share the software industry's most valuable wisdom.

  • MTV.com icon

    MTV.com, 1997

    We built the award-winning, Java-version of MTV.com.

  • Agile Pioneers

    Agile Pioneers, 1998

    Helped pioneer lightweight software methods, becoming expert practitioners, trainers and coaches of Extreme Programming and Lean Development.

  • Industrial XP logo

    Industrial XP, 2004

    Introduced Industrial XP, an eXtreme Programming framework designed for large organizations.

  • Agile eLearning

    Launched Agile eLearning, 2006

    Launched the World’s 1st Agile eLearning, a highly interactive and effective tool for helping people learn critical engineering and planning skills.

  • Going Global image

    Expanded Internationally, 2012

    Opened offices in Brazil, India, the UK, and the Netherlands.

  • Modern Agile

    Modern Agile, 2015

    Introduced Modern Agile, four guiding principles for every industry.

  • Joy of Agility

    Joy of Agility, 2023

    Published Joy of Agility, by Joshua Kerievsky. The book is a collection of stories that provide a definitive guide to agility, applicable to anyone in any domain.

  • IL Today


    We continue to help our global customers accelerate product discover and delivery.