The History of Microtests

Posted April 9, 2014 by Ingmar van Dijk

At Industrial Logic we use the term microtest instead of unit test.

What is a microtest and why don't we use the standard industry term, unit test?

Watch Mike Hill (aka Geepaw Hill) explain what microtests are, how they differ from unit tests and their connection to Test-Driven Development.


Have a question or want to learn more?

Mike Hill and colleagues have authored a highly interactive, hands-on, eLearning album all about Microtesting.

Learn how to write excellent microtests, understand what to avoid and challenge yourself with microtesting exercises that feature our unique, automated, expert critiques of your skill level.

  • Johannes

    Is the video available somewhere to download? I’d like to show it in my TDD class if possible.

    • Joshua Kerievsky

      Yes, check Industrial Logic’s YouTube channel.

      • Johannes

        Many thanks!