TDD Dashboard

What is TDD Dashboard?

Is your team regularly practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD), refactoring, running tests and avoiding hazardous coding situations?

TDD Dashboard answers those questions by visualizing important agile metrics from your team’s active programming sessions.

Each TDD Dashboard features insightful graphs that consolidate data from everyone's programming sessions, giving your team a way to reflect on their performance and find ways to improve.

If your team is learning essential agile engineering practices, give them the insights provided by TDD Dashboard!

How it works

Our plugin to your IDE securely and transparently sends metadata about your programming sessions to our servers. The plugin only records when you are active and works quickly, so it doesn't get in your way. We currently support Eclipse for Java development, and will soon support IntelliJ for Java development as well as Visual Studio with Resharper for C# development.

Data Analyzed

We record, analyze, and graph test runs, refactorings, compilation errors and test-driven development cycles. Our graphs show consolidated team data for each day of the week. We don't show personal data, since this is not a tool for rewarding or punishing individual performance. All data is stored securely on our servers. Here is Industrial Logic's very own TDD Dashboard.

Test Runs

We record every test run from everyone on your team, graphing the number of test runs and whether they passed or failed.

Compilation Rashes

It's hazardous to code in the midst of many compilation errors. We call that a compilation rash and graph how often you're doing it.


See how often you are refactoring, including when you are refactoring during passing tests, failing tests, or compilation errors.

TDD Cycles

TDD helps teams produce simple designs & squash bugs by 70%-80%. See your team's red-green & red-green-refactor cycles.

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TDD Dashboard

Get on our list to join the TDD Dashboard pilot!

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