Karim Mohamed


Karim Mohamed is an Agile coach with Industrial Logic. Karim is committed to helping clients improve and become experts at testing, refactoring, evolutionary design, and taking tiny steps. He brings deep back-end development skills along with human dynamics abilities that enable him to help build high performance software teams.  His expertise in system architecture and design enable him to mentor technical experts. He is a passionate developer and coach and has been involved in learning and teaching development techniques for the past five years. Karim is driven to bring greater transparency and increasing technical excellence in the teams and organizations he helps. Karim believes in creating lasting change by building relationships on trust and respect. He works with programmers, product owners, and management to help them adopt practices and perspectives focused on getting the product into the hands of customers as quickly and safely as possible. He enjoys helping clients learn different ways of thinking about problems they know they have, and seeing the problems they have but don’t yet see. People have said his desire to improve software and the development process around it is infectious. Karim enjoys making positive changes throughout an organization. He is an excellent resource on modern Agile practices including TDD, BDD, Simple Design, Pair Programming, and Kanban. He finds the idea of amplified learning – creating hypotheses and validating them quickly – the most challenging and rewarding part of delivery at Agile companies. Karim holds a BSc in Systems and Biomedical Engineering and currently lives Cairo, Egypt.