Steven Mak


Steven spends most of his time helping teams adopt Agile engineering and testing practices in and around Hong Kong. In his leisure time, he also enjoys writing programs that solve problems. His love of programming started in his early primary school days. He later obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong, where he developed his interests in a variety of programming languages – from mainstream to the very exotic. He completed a Master's Degree in Business Administration at Imperial College London where he achieved a better understanding of teams, organizations, customers, and new product development.

Steven has worked in many business domains, including printer drivers, games, dotcoms, student information systems, IVRS, SMS gateways, payment systems, and network monitoring systems. He is also an active contributor to Agile communities in the region, where he helps organize events as well as contributing talks and workshops.

At the moment, his interests include cleaning up ugly code, secure coding practices, and extremely self-managing organizations.