John Heintz


John is a holistic product technology leader, particularly with Agile and Kanban development methods. He began his career as a technologist, always seeking solutions with greater leverage and deeper simplicity. He still writes code today, both for his clients and himself.

He has consulted with clients on various engagements, including Agile, Kanban, enterprise architecture, test automation architecture, XP development practices, lean value stream mapping, and RESTful/messaging architectures. He has built single-source hyperdocument SGML publishing systems, Linked Data and NoSql solutions, a version-control CORBA/Python CMS, an AspectJ dependency acquisition framework, a security-as-a-service Cloud encryption product, and developed test automation systems from scratch when needed.

John is a regular speaker at industry events, including No Fluff Just Stuff(NFJS), Architecture and Design World, and Dallas JavaMUG. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.