Joel Tosi

Senior Consultant

Joel is an experienced, pragmatic coach with a background as a developer, manager, and architect across a variety of systems. He has a passion for coaching and helping teams and organizations simplify their world and increase their collaboration. Joel is an Agile advocate with experience in corporate transformation, coaching projects, coaching coaches, and teaching Agile practices across the delivery stack who wants to focus more on the 'why' than the how.

Prior to working with Industrial Logic, Joel was a Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat, helping customers design simple solutions and remove unnecessary complexities. Historically a Java developer and architect, Joel has production code running in Java, C#, Perl, and Ruby along with some pet projects and samples kicked around in Clojure and Scala. Joel has worked with high-throughput, backend systems, large, high-data websites, infrastructure design, management, and XP / Agile / Scrum / Lean coaching. He is more interested in figuring out how to create a meaningful product in a great environment than about checking boxes on his geek checklist.

Specialties include: Agile, TDD, SCRUM, Lean, SOA, REST, J2EE, Server architecture, datacenter design, application design.