[Industrial Logic] The Design Patterns Study Group of New York City
Founded in August of '95, the Design Patterns Study Group is NYC's
center for the study and mastery of software patterns. Three groups
meet weekly to study patterns in Java & C++, written by experts for professional software designers and developers.
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The purpose of the Design Patterns Study Group (DPSG) of NYC is to learn and come to master design patterns and pattern languages. Members of the DPSG meet once a week, in small groups to question, clarify, compare and ultimately understand patterns that are object oriented, architectural, analytical and organizational. 

 The DPSG consists of the three sub-groups, called 4G (4 Gangsters), GoF (Gang-of-Four) and PL (Pattern Languages).  

The 4G Group 
The 4G group studies one pattern each week from the classic "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software".  Consider joining this group if you are fluent in at least one object oriented language but are not familiar with the book. 

The GoF Group 
The GoF group studies patterns beyond the Design Patterns book.  Presently, the GoF group is studying papers from the book "Pattern Languages of Program Design".  Consider joining this group if you are well acquainted with the Design Patterns book. 

The PL Group 
The PL group goes beyond design patterns into the realm of pattern languages, technical and analysis patterns, and communications and organizational patterns.  The PL group is preparing to study "Data Model Patterns: Conventions of Thought".  Consider joining this group if you are well acquainted with patterns and pattern literature in general. 

When & Where We Meet 
All groups within the NYC DPSG meet practically every Monday of every week throughout the year. Our meeting hours are from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.
Our regular meeting location is in SoHo, at a gallery/espresso bar named Space Untitled at 133 Greene street, between Houston and Prince. After the class we usually end up going out for some food and/or beer.
If You're Thinking of Joining... 
There are no fees for joining and no papers to sign. We only ask that you study the material for that week before attending the study group.


Send e-mail to joshua@industriallogic.com. or visit the Design Patterns Study Group home page at www.industriallogic.com/patterns
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