Product Discovery

Too often product ideas lack necessary customer or business validation. Products or features tend to come out of a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) or are blindly trying to match some competitor’s capabilities. Similar lack of rigor is typically put into many product strategies. These are routinely pithy phrases, uninspiring targets, or contain too many goals to provide clarity. Fortunately none of this needs to be the case!

Learning good product discovery and strategy practices is straightforward and does not need to be cumbersome. Using lightweight, evidence-based approaches that guide product discovery with demonstrable outcomes is key to finding customers and generating business value. Once a product idea has been refined, a well designed and deployed strategy will provide focus, alignment, and purpose for an entire organization. Attendees will be introduced to key concepts and participate in hands on practice that will allow them to be able to guide product discovery and create meaningful product strategies.

The Product Discovery sections will help you identify your real customer and their unmet needs in ways that generate business value. Next, deciding when to apply these practices in varying contexts will be covered -- from brand new products to enhancing existing features. Additionally, experiment design methods will be introduced to help validate product ideas and de-risk your riskiest assumptions.

The Product Strategy sections build off discovery. Once good product ideas have been refined, attendees will learn to cocreate a meaningful strategy that provides purpose, focus and alignment for an entire organization. Next, determining how to identify a critical set of balanced metrics will be introduced. The workshop will end with an overview of a strategy deployment process that will ensure everyone involved can co-create a balanced plan and know how their work aligns to meeting the objectives of the strategy.


  • Day 1: Product Discovery
  • What is product discovery all about?
  • Assessing the right level of discovery for your situation
  • Using a Product Discovery Canvas
  • Finding your true customer
  • Determining people’s unmet needs
  • Assumptions gathering
  • Designing experiments that kill
  • The when and how of market and user research
  • Day 2: Product Strategy
  • What a good strategy does and how you know when its working
  • Using a Product Strategy Canvas
  • Creating a customer-focused vision
  • Reframing business objectives as constraints
  • Exploring the internal and external landscape
  • Finding the Big 3 challenges
  • Benefits Mapping
  • Strategy Deployment overview
  • Dissemination workshop review
  • The Catchball process
  • Back-brief facilitation

Course Details

Knowledge: 50%, Skill-Building: 50%
Learning outcomes
  • Light-weight methods for Product Discovery,
  • Evidence-based approach to validating product ideas,
  • Experiment design framework,
  • Impactful Product Strategy design,
  • How to align on outcomes,
  • An approach for strategy deployment.
Method of Instruction
Interactive Dialogues, Hands-on Exercises
Target Audience
Primary: Product Managers, Product Owners and other product leaders, their cross-functional peers, and key stakeholders.
Secondary: Anyone involved in product development or those impacted by it.
Course Level
Course Prerequisites
Required: General exposure to product planning and development practices of any kind.


General Requirements

To ensure a successful class, we require the following:

  • VGA projector (1024x768 minimum)
  • Projector screen
  • Speakers (to connect instructor's machines. Sound should be audible to the whole class)
  • White board
  • Dry erase markers
  • Flip chart and stand
  • Ample room for students in terms of room size and set up (prefer U-Shape seating)
Class Room Setup

To ensure a successful class, we require the following:

  • Preferred arrangement is small round tables with 6-8 people to support small-group discussion
  • Three additional flip-charts with stands (for small-group use)

Once an agreement for the workshop is confirmed, we will work with your designated contact to ensure a successful workshop setup.

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