Industrial Logic Squads

Building great development teams is hard.
Squads make it easy.

What's a Squad?

An Industrial Logic Squad is an engine of productivity, focused on helping you achieve key business objectives via high quality software development.

Each squad is a team of Industrial Logic professionals composed of advanced technical coaches and skilled developers. The squad helps you plan, test, design and deliver valuable software via Lean and Agile principles and practices.

Do you have staff who would like to improve their programming skills? They are also welcome to join a Squad! They will receive ongoing mentoring and hands-on technical coaching.

Contact us today to explore how an Industrial Logic Squad could help you produce quality software while upskilling your staff.


A Squad will become familiar with your tech stack before engaging, so that they will be highly productive once work commences

The technical coaches who lead Squads have many years of experience building software in complex domains, on many operating systems, using old and new technologies, frameworks, languages and tools. They are also excellent communicators who understand that software development is primarily a people-centric activity.

Our skilled developers are all graduates of our 3-month, intensive IL Academy. This program seeks bright, hungry developers who are willing to relocate to a client’s geographic region and want to immerse themselves in learning advanced programming techniques. During the 3 months, Industrial Logic coaches help the developers learn and practice skills like Object-Oriented Programming, Code Smells, Refactoring, Microtesting, Test-Driven Development, Faking & Mocking and Continuous Integration, as well as how to be an excellent team player, how to lead a retrospective, how to give and receive feedback and more.

Industrial Logic Academy
I’ve learned so much - Being a part of an IL Squad has taught me how to create software and work with a team like a true artisan. Abraham Developer and IL Academy Graduate, Industrial Logic, Inc.


  • Advanced software development skills deployed into your shop
  • A strong focus on achieving business outcomes
  • Higher throughput with quality code
  • Simpler processes, with fewer manual or awkward steps
  • Improved responsiveness to customer needs
  • Delighted customers experiencing working systems with few to no defects
  • Engaged employees who are improving their programming skills

Industrial Logic pioneered the Agile movement and today we are a Modern Agile consultancy that helps the world's leading brands radically improve their software development capabilities.

Our squads have access to our industry-leading braintrust of international Agile and Lean experts.

Who are the Coaches?

Industrial Logic’s Coaches are among the best Agile and Lean trainers in the world, deeply skilled in both development and mentoring.

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