Guided Learning

To help people learn in a way that sticks, Guided Learning combines instruction, eLearning and assignments integrated with your real work projects.

The Program

By augmenting participants’ eLearning experience with the real-time guidance and accountability of expert feedback and peer engagement, such a program can dramatically advance your team’s expertise.

Want to radically improve the effectiveness of your eLearning program in order to make your people awesome?

Use Guided Learning!

The Industrial Logic Guided Learning training has been a wonderful experience for the team. Our instructor was a friendly, supportive guide and mentor with great knowledge all of the topics. The eLearning itself, which was crafted out of years of experience and knowledge, is fantastic.Rupesh Bhadeshiya, Consultant, DST Design, Mastercard

Guided Learning is significantly more effective than stand-alone eLearning.

In the Guided Learning program, more people access eLearning and spend meaningful time learning skills and applying those skills to their projects.

What’s more, members of Guided Learning study groups frequently form bonds and work together on issues that matter to them.

eLearning-only sample group:
  • Only 68% actually opened the eLearning, and 32% spent no significant time (under one hour) studying the albums.
  • Of those who did study the albums, only 22 out of 87 studied 2 or more of them.
Guided Learning sample group:
  • 100% spent significant time on the albums.
  • 100% applied much of what they learned to their live projects and shared it with their teammates as well.
Guided Learning

How it Works

  • We agree on a schedule, typically 1-hour or 2-hour sessions once or twice a week for 4 or 8 weeks or more. (We’ve had groups work for as long as 6 months for 1 hour twice per week.)
  • Students receive homework assignments that require as much time outside class as was spent in class.
  • During class, the instructor reviews homework, lectures, gives quizzes or programming assignments and assigns homework for the next session.
  • Between classes, instructors are available directly via email or interactive features built into the eLearning system.
Why Take This Approach?

The slower pace (as compared to a week-long class) lets students absorb material more thoroughly. Also, by alternating work and study, students apply concepts in the system they work on.

Our approach allows students to receive feedback from team members and the instructor both. Finally, because remote instruction requires no travel, we are able to to offer this service at a lower price.


For technical courses, students must have their own programming development environment. We usually use Google Hangout or Skype for video sessions. However, if you have another preferred video conference software, we can look into that.

Who Teaches?

Industrial Logic’s Guided Learning instructors are among the best Agile trainers and coaches in the world, deeply skilled in development and teaching alike.

Qualified internal experts in your organization can also function as Guided Learning instructors provided they have both the level of skill and the knowledge of our eLearning required for the task.

Should either be lacking,we are available to train your internal experts in the use of our eLearning system so that they can deliver the supplementary guidance and instruction themselves.

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