The skills a software developer needs to truly be excellent include both technical and behavioral practices. How can you work harmoniously with teammates, manage technical debt, keep code easy to change, reduce the number of defects produced, and reliably get work done?

In this highly interactive, online workshop, you will learn how to collaborate more effectively, work more safely, improve your craft and deliver valuable software sooner.

Based on a mix of tried-and-true practices from eXtreme Programming, Code Craft, Continuous Integration and Evolutionary Design, this workshop will help you rediscover the joy of software development and experience the peace that comes from working safely.

We designed this course to span 8 weeks so that attendees can participate while continuing to carry on their usual responsibilities at work.

“The workshop was amazing. The coaches were awesome and helpful. I learned a lot of new stuff, and it was the start of a change in the way I code. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Senior Engineer, Bank of Montreal

“If you are an Agilist (SM/Agile coach/Change/ Transformation Agent) who have tech/coding background but struggling to make impact in your organization on technical agility then this course is highly recommended.”

past student

“There is no course that is equivalent and rich like this in the industry.”

past student

“This workshop teaches skills and a perspective that should be our baseline”

past student

Each attendee receives:

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