TDD Is Dead Sale

Posted April 30, 2014 by Joshua Kerievsky


We recently found out that Test-Driven Development is dead!!

David Heinemeier Hansson broke the awful news on his blog.

We are heartbroken, to say the least!

Over the years we've come to rely on TDD for:

  • focus
  • confidence
  • stress reduction
  • speed
  • simplicity
  • safety
  • building
  • deploying
  • refactoring

What will replace it now that it is apparently dead?!?

May TDD Rest In Peace (if it is in fact actually dead).
Testing Refactoring Boxset

To commemorate the death of TDD, we give you this crazy sale: 50% off our best-selling, six-album, guru-created Testing & Refactoring Box Set.

Use discount code TDDISDEAD when you buy the box set in our shop. This sale is active during our grieving period, from now until May 5nd, 2014 and is not applicable for bulk sales.

5 Responses to “TDD Is Dead Sale”

  1. Jose Samonte Jr. says:

    Wish it was cheaper for developers from Asia such as the Philippines :(

    • Joshua Kerievsky says:

      Let us know what you can afford Jose. We like to support folks from around the world. Email sales AT industriallogic dot com,

  2. Eric Pabst says:

    Can I just say, it looks like David Heinemeier never learned about Microtesting (i.e. from Industrial Logic). Learning about Microtesting was true enlightenment for me. Mocking everything out for unit tests is so wrong. Slow tests are wrong.

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